Race in the Ring-tum Phi

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Race in the Ring-tum Phi


Discussions of race.


Accounts of race within the university's undergraduate run newspaper, The Ring-tum Phi.

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Article: "SABU Stages Sit-In"
A black male student was unfairly accused of violating the White Book. The Student Association for Black Unity (SABU) stages sit-in to protest unfair treatment of black students at the university.

Article: "Exploring Diversity at Washington and Lee"
Washington and Lee staff writer Elianna Marzianni recounts the desegregation of the university, interviews Professor Ted DeLaney, student Tomi Olubunmi and Dean Anece F. McCloud.

Article: "African-American Studies Established at Washington and Lee"
Ring-tum Phi journalist Sarah Murray writes on the official African-American studies program at Washington and Lee, in response to a request made from the Black Female Alliance.

Article: "Dean Anece McCloud Hired and Looks to Broaden Horizons."
Dean Anece McCloud is hired shortly after John White, previous director of minority affairs, is fired by President Emeritus John Wilson. Her efforts include expanding the title to "director of students for minority affairs" and meeting with the…

Article: "Name change aids student body unity": SABU changes to MSA
In this particular article, Ring-tum Phi writer, Dana Bolden, writes that the words "black unity" was increasingly perceived as if the blacks in W&L were uniting against someone or something. Additionally, Bolden wrote that groups should not be…

Article: "Student-run Minority Recruitment Group Forms"
Dana Bolden '89, then a sophomore journalism major, founded a minority recruitment group with fellow sophomore Tom Brickel. Students are working to attract qualified minority students to W&L while also working to invite non-minority students to…

Article: "SAC Votes to Support New Black Fraternity"
Alpha Phi Alpha, a historically black Greek letter organization, was established in 1906 at Cornell University. The Alpha chapter of the organization was initially founded as a support organization used to bond men of African descent with one another…

Article: "Debate Ends with Dumas": First African-American EC President
After the withdrawal of former EC president Hugh Finkelstein, the EC faced a decision they had never prepared for. At the time of Finkelstein’s withdrawal, there was no procedure concerning filling a vacancy for EC president, introducing weeks of…

Article: "Who Saved The SAB": Changes Made under Dumas' Administration as EC President.
History would be derived of truth if every story had but one side. In this Ring-tum Phi article, the leaders on the Student Activities Board (SAB) struggle to come up with a conclusion about how the SAB was “saved.” One opinion article reads, “The…

Article: "No Race Discrimination at W&L"
The language surrounding W&L’s decision to admit negro applicants at first glance appears careful and characteristic of our archive. If one were to rummage around the Trustee’s and President’s papers, aside from the blatant racism of few, the…
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