Recommended Readings: Digital Archive

Cook, Terry (2013). Evidence, Memory, Identity, and Community: Four Shifting Archival Paradigms. Archival Science 13(2-3), 95-120.

Cook explores the history of archiving and the changes that the form has experienced from its origin to the present. The abstract reads, "...archival paradigms over the past 150 years have gone through four phases: from juridical legacy to cultural memory to societal engagement to community archiving."

Bailey, Jefferson. “Disrespect Des Fonds: Rethinking Arrangement and Description in Born-Digital Archives.” Archive Journal, Archive Journal, June 2013, www.archivejournal.net/essays/disrespect-des-fonds-rethinking-arrangement-and-description-in-born-digital-archives/.

Bailey explores the traditional approaches of archival arrangement and description, challenging the technique of respect des fonds as it applies to digital born artifacts.

Theimer, Kate. “Gaps in the Past and Gaps in the Future: Archival Silences and Social Media – #acaubc2016 Talk.” ArchivesNext, 17 Feb. 2016, archivesnext.com/?p=4018.

Theimer argues, "Archival silences are, as probably most of you know, instances in which people or events, are not fully represented, or represented at all, in archival collections or “the archive” writ large." This essay expresses the need for archivists to form collaboration with community members or "citizen archivists" to make sure that work lives on.

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