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SABU, CALYX 1975.tif
SABU members pose for the Calyx.

The members of MSA pose for a Calyx group photo. Also featured in the photo to the far left are the groups advisors, Courtney Penn and Anece McCloud.

This photo includes senior women graduating in 1989. From L to R, Dana Anstine, Stephanie Coleman, Jessica Reynolds and Cindy Phoa.

The Minority Students Association (MSA) sits for a Calyx yearbook photo in 1988.

Dean Anece McCloud is hired shortly after John White, previous director of minority affairs, is fired by President Emeritus John Wilson. Her efforts include expanding the title to "director of students for minority affairs" and meeting with the…

RTP_19851003 copy.pdf
In this particular article, Ring-tum Phi writer, Dana Bolden, writes that the words "black unity" was increasingly perceived as if the blacks in W&L were uniting against someone or something. Additionally, Bolden wrote that groups should not be…

David Bernstein editor of Diversity a magazine featuring writers of varied racial background brings an article to the Ring-tum Phi by way of The Collegiate Network, an organization which submits a variety of perspectives to national campuses.…

Washington and Lee staff writer Elianna Marzianni recounts the desegregation of the university, interviews Professor Ted DeLaney, student Tomi Olubunmi and Dean Anece F. McCloud.

SABU members attempt to secure a position for representation on the SAB after members come to the conclusion that black students felt excluded from mainstream student activities. However, SAB rejects the proposal refusing to give special…

The Student Association for Black Unity hosts one of its most successful Black Ball's. With a gathering of students and community members, combined with the assistance and security for the event, the success is evident in the numbers drawn to the…
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