Multicultural Students Association (MSA)

In 1985, the University hired Anece McCloud as Dean of Minority Affairs. Dean McCloud replaced John White and sought to not only expand but also broaden the title, changing it to "associate dean of students for minority affairs." The year that McCloud arrived, she became heavily involved with minority student life. In this year, SABU changes its title and mission for the organization to Minority Students Association (MSA).


The 1980s in the United States were a period of great uncertainty. Just following the tumultuous 60s and 70s, two decades filled with both civil and foreign war, the 80s became a period of time where Americans were just finally learning to exhale. Furthermore, the country was just learning how to peacefully orient themselves with the rest of the world, releasing “We are the World” in 1985 in order to aid Ethiopia’s famine.


Stephanie Coleman, 2nd from L. Jessica Reynolds, 3rd from L.

In an Oral History interview with Stephanie Coleman '89, Coleman remarks on the name change from SABU to MSA saying, "Well, I think like senior year maybe they changed the name to MSA. They tried to put all of the minority students together. And I voted for that nonsense and I wish I hadn't." 

Upon the question "Why?" given by the interviewer, Coleman explains, "Because if it takes 20 groups for people to feel welcomed, then it takes 20 groups. Just do it...I mean, if it's simply going to take 20 groups to make a child be welcome at school and excel in school, just do it."

Her hindsight view, though heavily critiquing the idea of unity behind the change to MSA, offers up another 21st-century approach. Coleman advocates for the creation of a space for everyone on campus instead of grouping all minority students together. 

MSA 1985-2000s